Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wow i wounder why i didnt do this sooner O.o

yea so i guess iam suppose to tell ppl whats been going on with me eh ? well other then going to Anime Boston this month i also did a lil crime fighting. XD no joke ! while walking back from the dinner in my neighborhood it was about 2:15 or something so school was letting out. while minding my own bee's wax when i saw this kid pass by. looked like any other kid that had parents with money, i made a joke about him to cleo saying he was a lil bit on the girly side. right then another kid with a blue hoodie passed by us, minding you it was a pretty hot day... i mean we all were wearing t-shirts and shorts... cleo elbowed to pay attention saying "this doesn't look good". i didn't think much of it since he was just talking to him. i couldn't tell what he was saying but it was enough to make the nerdy kid cross the street. thats when a storm of kids ran pass from behind cleo and me after him. i shove the food i had in to cleo's hands and told her to call the cops. when i managed to get my fat ass across the street to see what was going on this tall,skinny, some what athletic mother fucker had the lil kid on the floor in between the side walk and the car pounding him like a grown man! it was pretty brutal i don't think even those losers in MMA were this dirty. as soon as my brain processed what the fuck was going on i kicked the fucker off him and grabbed him and slammed him in to the car. he was as tall as i was but no were near as strong. eh .. i am pretty short... _ __lll but the look on his face was priceless he was so surprised to see some one stop him in his tracks LOL he kept on saying "who the hell are you ?" lol if i wasn't trying so hard to stop my self from laughing i would of said something kewl to day but i just slammed him in to another car and his Friends came to see what was happening. at this point cleo was checking up on him and screaming at them to get the fuck out of here that she was calling the cops. aw man ... what was the funniest part was when he felt empowered that his crew came to back him up. LULZ he said "you think your tough ? come on we see how tough you are?" at this point i got to catch my breath and actually say something other then making weird snarls that just freaked them out even more. i screamed at them "ready when you are! lets see if your snot nose brats are really worth the trouble". i guess all the screaming alerted the neighborhood and people started to come out of there houses. the kids freaked and ran. soon there after the cops came.... ugh i never even got a thank you ! lol but i guess he was just freaked out that it happened to him. but they didn't get any of his stuff. that's whats important... uhm he was roughed up tho you could see the sidewalk imprint on his face.


  1. good to see u have a blog. But make sure you at least have paragraph mext time. It's hard to read a run down paragraph. XDDD

  2. XD i ran most of the time ill do that next time promise !

  3. Aaah good times, good times. It's always fun beating the living crap out of those whom we feel deserve it. Oh the memories (has a flash back)