Saturday, October 20, 2012

Finally Looking up, sort of....

So its been more than a while since I last posted and there hasn't been much art I posted other than my sketch book dump galleries that i almost exerted no effort in organizing but in my consent search for income I actually got a job with reference from a old friend. I owe her a lot, just taking the time to say thanks. Well in between doing various things to get by my sister got me in to "extra" work such as in acting gigs. It really isn't anything to brag about but its probability the easiest job I've ever had to do. Most of the day is wasted due to the crew filming the main stars but you still get paid because your on the clock. I sat in a room for 8 hours drawing people making beds out of chairs and passing out. It was honestly really a site to see. I've still been having issues with not really having a direction of where to go from here but since now that I am going to have some sort of stable income coming in at least for a limited amount of time, I have been looking in to any other forms of jobs. Hopefully I'll be keeping this one but if not I'll keep an eye out. the two sketches i bring you today is of my really fun life mate. =D Shes a good sport and has been a inspiration to my drawing giving me things to draw all the time. Love you Hun! <3 p="p">

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quick 30 sec drawing of chimps with there young

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Once in a while when I am forced to sit down and draw which isn't often, something i regret daily. Certain things come to mind. Things that I've often wondered about other artist but never actually had the chance to ask, due to it never coming up in a conversation or embarrassment that I've been having so much trouble with this issue my self. The issue of the self portrait. Now among all of the amazing people I've meet among the years, I've gotten to see first hand how artist tend to draw them selves. Style Vs reality. But as someone that has never really found their niche in a style they were comfortable in. I tend not to draw the same way over and over. Which is a huge problem being a animator. Especially in my own personal projects, which consistency is key. But this post is mainly to found out how different do we see our selves from reality.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Inovation? Or just plain Crazy?

For those who know me and my sporadic Macgyver moments, manly fixing things with normal house hold items and just having a simple task easier, many of you ask me where i get it from. And it hurts me to say that i have now proof that i get it from my mother but it has a evil side, she doesn't use her powers for good. No it is mainly just to annoy/surprise me and many parents do. But yes at least they don't bore me … yea… at least…

So let me show you her evil invention

Name: unknown but what we been calling it is v.0.1 "ghetto air-lock"
Function: My best guess was to keep the cold air out of the closet

Hangers 6
shower curtain 1
and nothing better to do

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I have all these Half Finished Drawing in my work folder just screaming at me....

dammit there isn't enough hours in the day, or maybe its just i dont really have a real good excuse to sit down and ignore my family members I've been keeping up with my drawings and sketching guesters trying to really get them down as much as i can, I am about to copy Ben and make another site just for those drawings.... I need to be successful in animation or die trying, I cant just sit in some dead end job wasting more time on chump change... =/ I am not even learning anything at the job only moving around a lot burning calories but thats about it. I was working on this creative resume a while ago i know some have seen the early versions but this is the finished one. I guess ill post it up and see what i could use it for.
I'll post the others soon... its a flesh eating worm on the mind at this point if i dont get it out it could cause massive damage in the very near future...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

O.o... Aruba trip

Damn, sometimes i really have think about how lucky i really am. This trip was completely paid for by my friend and her parents and at a time where its pretty cold where i live to be taken to practically summer, its really awesome and for 15 days no less.
I really needed to get away as well, well now that i think about it, maybe not. Coming here was like going to a summer house in the country, like when a family gets away from the city to get a fresh breath of air to remind them selves whats really important. But since it was a single person trip i really missed my family and friends.
Leaving them behind to visit Thiara and her family seemed like a good idea since i haven't connected with them in such a long time, even thought last time I got to see Tala was when she came to the states to take the SAT's.
All and all it was a really nice experience to come back and see whats changed. I finally got to meet the new addition to the family Yadi had a baby girl named Inari which is Japanese for "successful one". For the most part Yadi is an excellent mother and i think the kid is pretty lucky to have such a kewl mom. They pretty much filled me in on all I've missed.
I got to meet most of there friends and became friends with them, well the ones i found most interesting anyway. Other then Draw and being lazying we didn't really do much =D Talking with her parents and her sister have taken up most of what i have done this trip compared to all my other visits that i had to Aruba. Most of which surprises me because usually when we are together we are pretty much attached at the waist.
Even with the free trip and getting to see her again some how things aren't really going as smoothly as i thought they were gonna be. Yea well things with Tala aren't really something that i cant handle... usually talking to her mends the problem. At the moment things are alright since i got to speak with her, but things aren't as easy when we aren't together.
Talking online doesn't seem to work as well. It doesn't seem to carry as much weight which is understandable. I actually was asked to design a Tattoo while i was here, which is pretty kewl since its nice to imagine something i drew would be on a part of her body.
I drew the shrooms from Super Mario Bros doing some power up DragonBall Z thing Red and Green, I am gonna post it up since i named it when shrooms attack =)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Its about the little things

So far odd jobs and doing anything i could find =) giving me alot of time to draw tho.

People i saw on the train

Here's lookin at you babe...

These life Drawing classes are just saving my life.
Well got to start on these little projects. =/