Tuesday, November 3, 2009

what do you see?

its kinda getting hard to just work lately, even tho its my thesis year everything seems to be just moving fast and sure my school is a large part of my life i don't see how its really going to end... every time i go outside look at the city that is my home, I am forced to see how things are going to stay the same. And sure that scares me, all i ever wanted was to learn as much about this place that i live in but hope seems to always fade away untill i look at a pattern on the floor on the subway or walk along the streets of the old factories and see wounder why they seem like the perfect place to be and not my own home? i guess this is a message to my self in order to stay alive you must open you eyes... get out of that hole your in and make sure your exploring, if not go get a job at burger king because life isnt worth living.


  1. did you take these pictures yourself?

    i think the world is always changing, but we change slowly. that's prolly why time passes by slower than you want to and faster than you realize. but you know man. i guess the only way to make a living is to keep up with the fast pace of life.

  2. i didnt take these iam not that awesome this is from surfing at like 4 am and just messing around