Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Updates =)

These Couple of weeks have been kinda slow.... Havent found a animation job as of yet. =( Although really trying to find some paid work, after applying to a bunch I have nothing to show for it as of yet so I ve been reworking my Reel and adding scenes to my senior thesis film. Been Keeping my self busy with out side activities like the Mud Run a 10 kilo marathon that had obstacles, kinda like a mini boot camp. To everyone's surprise i made it, which came to no surprise to me since i am not a fat ass (ha ha ...) but Ive just been trying to draw a drawing every night, forcing my self to be inspired. It was made easy since SVA has a life drawing session every Wednesday night at the GW which has given me a little taste of school with out actually being in a class. Ive been pushing my drawing in to more a cartoonie style which makes it look more pleasing to the eye. I hope you guys tell me what you think. =P
P.S. Post Giving me Trouble... heres a URL to my Scans

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