Saturday, October 20, 2012

Finally Looking up, sort of....

So its been more than a while since I last posted and there hasn't been much art I posted other than my sketch book dump galleries that i almost exerted no effort in organizing but in my consent search for income I actually got a job with reference from a old friend. I owe her a lot, just taking the time to say thanks. Well in between doing various things to get by my sister got me in to "extra" work such as in acting gigs. It really isn't anything to brag about but its probability the easiest job I've ever had to do. Most of the day is wasted due to the crew filming the main stars but you still get paid because your on the clock. I sat in a room for 8 hours drawing people making beds out of chairs and passing out. It was honestly really a site to see. I've still been having issues with not really having a direction of where to go from here but since now that I am going to have some sort of stable income coming in at least for a limited amount of time, I have been looking in to any other forms of jobs. Hopefully I'll be keeping this one but if not I'll keep an eye out. the two sketches i bring you today is of my really fun life mate. =D Shes a good sport and has been a inspiration to my drawing giving me things to draw all the time. Love you Hun! <3 p="p">

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