Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Inovation? Or just plain Crazy?

For those who know me and my sporadic Macgyver moments, manly fixing things with normal house hold items and just having a simple task easier, many of you ask me where i get it from. And it hurts me to say that i have now proof that i get it from my mother but it has a evil side, she doesn't use her powers for good. No it is mainly just to annoy/surprise me and many parents do. But yes at least they don't bore me … yea… at least…

So let me show you her evil invention

Name: unknown but what we been calling it is v.0.1 "ghetto air-lock"
Function: My best guess was to keep the cold air out of the closet

Hangers 6
shower curtain 1
and nothing better to do

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